Friday, March 17, 2023

Daily Stoic: Meaning in Politics

 So I have misplaced my Daily Stoic book today. So let me propose a meditation I have to do all the time, and the consequences. 

Transgenderism. How do you deal with what you don't understand?

Let us follow my Stoic principals here.

  1. Some people are born thinking they are the wrong sex.
  2. They act on that information by either ignoring it or "transitioning" to a different gender.
  3. For me, this act is complete. It does not good for me to wish these people to do something different. I accept that some people are born different. Some act upon it and some reject it. But in either case, the act of transitioning does not effect my personal beliefs and value system.
  4. My values include the right to life your reality when it doesn't harm someone else or the collective "we". Therefore I support their rights to self-autonomy and their decisions.
  5. My values also include that people should have respect towards others. 
    1. In  my definition of value of point 5: I do not understand, nor can I support, bullying of people. In particular I find legislative bullying terrible and an evil.
  6. My course of action then is to fight these laws when possible and where it makes the most difference.
    1. That also means doing the small things I can. Using correct language and supporting their new name and gender.
    2. It does NOT mean (for me again) that I support the idea of using terms like "people that can give birth to children" instead of women. As I understand it, people who have transitioned or are in the process of it should just be called "women", as they have decided. The very few transitioned men that decide to give birth can correct me. And again, I will properly show these men respect. But I don't feel that this sub-set of transitioned men is large enough to change our world view.
  7. Note: I haven't figured out HOW to help yet in a wider sense, but I am working on it. At the very least I support the transgender as part of our community. Both LGBT people in specific and society as a whole.

Doing this gets me past the, "Do I understand it?" phase? No. But it allows me to treat individuals with respect, which is what they desire.

Support doesn't mean surgery for minors (for me)
But it does mean respecting and honoring their reality...
And, as a society, showing respect and understanding.


  1. I think you are helping by talking to the people at GSL at a Middle School. I think that's a lot.


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