Sunday, February 12, 2023

Now Starring in Wyoming..

Get married at 12 !

Get and AK47 at 14 !

Get an abortion - pysch ..  

... abortions are against god's law. Childhood marriage and AK 47s are not.

Brought to you from the good folks behind Don't Say Gay, Businesses Are Also Christians, and Don't Let Pregnant Women Travel

Next on the docket... 

Why can't Christians and Christian Businesses refuse service to gays, blacks, unmarried people, divorced people and sinners like the Bible says? 

Supreme Court - That is wrong!

OK.. How about just fags?

Supreme Court - We'll think on it.

OK... How about just Drag Queens and Trannies?

Supreme Court - Now you're talking.


  1. How does raising the legal age to marry to 16 interfere with parental rights? Unless of course they feel it's a parental right to sell or force their underage children into marriage. According to Rutgers, of the 90 Wyoming legislators only 14 are women. I doubt that the minority female legislators are opposing the bill in the hopes of scoring underage husbands. Cowboy State Daily reports the AVERAGE age of the legislators is about 54 so it seems reasonable to conclude that it's bunch of old "christian" men that oppose this bill because they want their god-given right to marry underage girls. Not a surprise.

    1. I love this comment, because I totally get your anger and frustration. And I think you're right in some ways.I think that whole marry a young girl comes a bit from the Mormon influence and history. I also think it is a way to make teen age pregnancy disappear as a problem. You can't get an abortion, but your parents can force you to marry so you aren't a fallen girl. I THINK, although I might be mis-remembering, that a large percentage of these girls in one state were pushed by their parents or statutory rapists to marry. It is often not the girl's choice.


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