Friday, February 10, 2023

Letter from the V&A

 In a walking trip with Jane and Ed, we went into the Victoria and Albert Museum. We saw a statue I still love so much! I wish I had the place for a copy - and a copy ;-).

In any case, I wrote the V&A over a small mistake in their write up. The museum got the nationality wrong in a sport (the said Serbian, he was Croatian).

Well, I forgot I wrote them. I did say it was a very small issue, I just wanted to let them know. They wrote back today - apologized that it was late, and said they would fix the issue and thanked me.

They also said that the museum had rewritten almost all the information during covid - and they missed this. It was a nice and thoughtful letter.

Here is the amazing sculpture.

It is the entire lines and pose of the statue that evokes an amazing feeling of self-reflection for me. The age when this introspection hits us the hardest. LOVE IT

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