Monday, February 6, 2023

Horrific Quake In Syria and Türkiye

 There was a horrible Earthquake in Syria / Türkiye last night. A 7.8! with aftershocks and at least one, getting above a 7 as well.

For comparison, both the Northridge Quake (the one that dropped The 14 to 5 connector onto The 5 North) and the San Francisco World Series Quake that broke the Oakland Bay bridge, were both 7.1.

That means that last night's earthquake was 32 TIMES BIGGER than the Freeway dropping Earthquakes in California (probably the same as the Big 1906 earthquake that ending up burning San Francisco to the ground.

It killed at least 2,000 people, more are coming.

But for a side by side comparison, nothing beats the image of this Roman Fort in Türkiye before and after.

Before Last Night

After Last Night

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