Sunday, February 19, 2023

Good Grief: THIS is considered too divisive for Florida

Florida is fucked up. Here is the latest example of nincompoopery you can't make up.

For the last two DECADES an Annual Embracing Our Diversity art exhibit has been held in Sarasota Florida at the State College of Florida - Manatee / Sarasota. I has hosted over 4 million visitors, including 400,000 last year. 

But the University required 3 of the art pieces to be removed. An the non-profit decided to end the art fair - saying they wouldn't remove just those 3. Before you think was some woke thing gone wild. The piece below was one of the three.

It is titled "Being Different Gives the World Color." It was censored because of a quote on the billboard sized image. A quote was included in small print along the bottom left. This was the quote that required the image to be removed according to state officials:

"Diversity and inclusion are like the needle and thread that stitch together the harmonious fabric of peace for humankind."

quotation from Raaina Chadha, a fifth-grade student from New Delhi, India

The horribly offensive piece is below: The story from Tampa

This is another pulled piece. Because, well Justice and Love for Black people, makes White people sad.

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