Thursday, February 9, 2023

Earthquake property values...

Many many LA natives remember the earthquakes of 1971 (Sylmar) and 1987 (prettier Whittier) and no longer after them, home prices fell a lot in LA.

So when the very large Northridge quake happened in 1987, those of us that were young and remembered the price drops, immediately began the house search, looking for people afraid. And the Northridge quake was big.

But.. As is always with a great plan, I was not alone. Now, swear to Seneca, when there is a big quake, prices actually rise a little.

Some earthquake pics below. Remember these are the worst of the quake damages. After all, no one takes a picture of all the buildings that still stand.

Northridge Quake - 1994

The Northridge Quake was the one where the wording was changed on freeways and buildings. They are no longer called "Earthquake Proof", but are now call "Earthquake Resistant."

Whittier Quake - 1987

Sylmar Quake - 1971

I will say, the Sylmar Quake was by far the scariest. It crashed freeways, hospitals and a retirement home.

But the real fear was for almost everyone in the North San Fernando Valley. There is (was?) a very large reservoir just north of the San Fernando Valley up the hills just after the 405 and 5 merge. It was "compromised" in the quake and tens of thousands were evacuated for weeks. 

Many of us remember because for a few days, news anchors and TV presenters wore the same clothes because they weren't allowed back in their homes. And they were on air, pretty much non-stop. I mean, the reservoir was threatening to take their homes and they were draining it as fast as possible (which really isn't that easy).

Below is a shot of the area, with the strengthened reservoir shown. There was a second one - now gone - right below the first. It was just south of the reservoir shown, and it couldn't be strengthened enough, so they removed it. It was very very big.

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