Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Daily Stoic & Black History Month

 Today's meditation is mine. 

I am impressed by the voting rates of Black Americans. Occasionally the voting percentage is higher than whites, but it is definitely higher than other groups. Think about this for a moment. Blacks were slaves. Then Blacks were put outside many of our laws under Jim Crow. It wasn't until the 1960s that they were included as full Americans with equal protection. But still, after multiple documented attacks, Black Americans believe in elections. They still believe that voting is an American duty instead of a means of winning. Blacks voted in parts of the country where they know there voices will not be heard, and yet they still believe in the American dream of equality and democracy. The rest of America should only be so motivated. 

And the "Stoic" part, Scott?

Remember that one of the key factors that give us dominion over our immediate emotions is the ability to accept what happened in the past, and move forward with our own and our community's goals. As a White American, I have a hard time watching the beatings, killings and the general disruptions to Black lives. I honestly cannot imagine the anger and hurt that Black Americans feel, but I can admire their way of fighting back against injustice.

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