Monday, February 13, 2023

Daily Stoic: Anger Is A Lousy Motivator (you know - in my words)

Today talks about Anger. Anger is a motivator to me quite often, particularly in the last few years. I'm am not sure if it is age or actual crapping of the world, but it motivates me the wrong way. Instead of celebrating political goods news, I wait for the bad. I have learned from my youth to always wait for the other shoe to drop.

It made sense when I was young, but it doesn't help me now. It infects my relationship with life in general, and often Ed in particular. Through no fault of his own. One of my journeys through this process is to stop dreading bad news around every bend. FYI - Ive grown to the point, by the by, where I am only anxious. And less than 75% of the time.

Kids, this is a great improvement for me.

There is no more stupefying thing than anger, nothing more bent on its own strength. If successful, none more arrogant, if foiled, none more insane - since it is not driven back by weariness even in defeat, when fortune removes its adversary it turns its  teeth on itself.


This is the habit I am trying to break...

This philosophy ruled me throughout most of my life. I am working on this and almost completely over it.

Except when I am not.

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