Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Daily Stoic: Am I in Control?

 This meditation requires some discussion after the quote:

Remember that it's not only the desire for wealth and position that debases and subjugates us but also the desire for pease, leisure, travel and learning. It doesn't matter what the external thing is, the value we place on it subjugates us to another ... where our heart is set, there our impediment lies.


Now, we all know that Scooter loves travel. LOVES. And the meditation isn't about travel or peace as much as it is about self control and goal setting. The question this meditation asks is: Am I in control of my goals, or are they in control of me?

For people addicted to drugs, or smoking, or thrill-seeking; are those people in control of their goals? Or are their goals in charge of their lives.

I have had to meditate on the overwhelming drive for travel and how it is affecting my long term goals. It has been interesting.

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