Friday, January 20, 2023

State Nincompoopery (partial list only)

I have pledged not to follow the political idiots for a while. And I will try to follow that, but the state level idiocy must be noted. It is scary and worrisome how the most venerable are targeted in many ways - often when there is no activity in their state. We are traveling back to the worst of the 1970's (against gays) and 1950's (against women).

We will start with the two worst offenders.

Drag Story hour at library.
Look at the poor children being indoctrinated without parental permission


  1. Demands Universities report all trans students and all questioning student (those that went for counseling) be reported to the State.
  2. Did not authorize the Advanced Placement class – high school classes that can be used for college credit – to African American Studies. This is the first time an AP class has been rejected by the state
  3. Permanently prohibits Covid-19 mask requirements throughout Florida
  4. Permanently prohibits Covid-19 vaccine and mask requirements in all schools
  5. Permanently prohibits Covid-19 Vaccine Passports in Florida
  6. Permanently prohibits Employers from hiring or firing based on vaccine status
  7. Flew legal asylum seekers from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard
  8. Makes NHL cancel diversity job fair
  9. Required Florida Universities provide “woke” data on courses and programs that include any mentions of “diversity, equity and inclusion”, Critical Race Theory
  10. Passed Don’t Say Gay bill.
  11. Blocks investment in any funds that takes into account Climate change


  1. Passing Don’t Say Gay bill.
  2. Dumps busloads of migrants at Vice President’s house on Christmas Eve in 18 degree weather (-8C)
  3. Banned various books including “Diary of Ann Frank”
  4. Passing a law that criminalizes Drag Story Hour at all libraries and reclassifies anywhere that has drag presentations (restaurants, churches, Theaters) as “adult entertainment the same as porn stores with all the legal distance limitations that entails.
  5. Sues adoptive parents that are LGBT
  6. Requires COMPLETE list of all Texas who have transitioned in the last 2 years.
  7. Deploys Tanks to the border (that will be cray when he uses them)
  8. Blocks investment in any funds that do not support fossil fuels
  9. Outlaws any discussion of critical race theory, including teaching of slavery in the United States
  10. Outlaws mail order drugs that help abortions
  11. Outlaws travel to another state to get an abortion


Allows family members of rapists to sue medical providers that provide an abortion on the rapist’s victim.  (FYI - this is pure evil.)

North Dakota

  1. Requires use of pronouns consistent with birth sex at all public schools (including Universities and Adult Education) and all state agencies.
  2. Bans any use of gender affirming care (even by parents) of minors. This includes work of psychologists and therapists for minors
  3. Throwing out ban on conversion therapy (noted for violence and terrorism of youth, which is ultimately unsuccessful, admitted by providers of these camps)
  4. No Drag shows on any public property or in front of any minor

Aren't drag performers just the worst (*sarcasm)

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