Saturday, January 7, 2023

My Favorite Things of 2022

 So, here were my favorite things in 2022, not including visits to or from friends or trips. It is heavy on TV, but that is because of habit and I am not including trips as a favorite.

Alphabetical just to confuse people.

James McAvoy was stunning in Theater's Cyrano

I loved Glass Onion (Knives Out 2) - one of two comedy
who-done-it's movies that worked for me.

Sure, Hacks was in its 2nd season, but it was that good (TV)

The Dawn of Everything - the best kind of book
one that makes you think anew.

Heartstoppers on TV

Holger Rune - my new favorite athlete

Me and Juni - my favorite picture of me

I loved this book, Magpie Murders

Was The Rings of Power the best TV show?
No, but it was fun and beautiful

The only other movie on my favorite things list:
See How They Run

Severance is kind of indescribable, except I enjoyed the hell out of it

Finally a philosophy I can get behind: Stoicism

I saw Take Me Out on Broadway twice, blew me away both times.

Wednesday - Fun TV

White Lotus - Also fun TV

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