Sunday, January 1, 2023

I'm Back... File this under - "Welcome to Reality"

Yes, I am back and I will be posting pictures starting tomorrow of our trip.

But let me first address this dope's comments:

It's your American now  - You broke it, you buy it 

Poor Chief Justice John Roberts worries bout the Supreme Court Justices' safety. To which can only say, welcome to reality motherf*cker. You know who else "worries about their own safety?"

  1. Everyone in New York and other locations that now MUST allow guns in public thanks to your court.
  2. Every woman that is pregnant and may have complications in the 17 states where ANY abortion can lead to prosecution. Women are actual already dying for lack of access to health care until they literally start to bleed to death. Thanks to the your court.
  3. Children in schools now that you cannot ban guns to the mentally ill, because those laws were in place in the 1800s. Thanks to your court
  4. Asylum seekers that you allow to be dumped without help at night in sub-zero weather by yahoos who are running for the award of "Biggest Asshole, Governor Edition." Thanks to your court.
  5. The over 1 million dead that would be a lot less if you allowed even a few of the Covid rules to be in place.
I could go on, but you get the picture. Your Court's decisions have made all of us less safe. So, yay, fuck you to your worries because people demonstrate outside of your court.

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