Thursday, January 26, 2023

FFS, an entire state taken over by the Furry Conspiracy

 Hey-zues people are stupid. Maybe something is wrong with the water in North Dakota - they have gone fucking crazy.

The latest is this...

You might think, seriously? Are there are schools that set up litter boxes for those students that identify as cats?

Seriously.? No. Nada. Nyet! 

It's bullshit. It has been disproven a thousand times. There is NO proof except "a friend of mine, his/her child's school has litter boxes!"

No your friend's child's school does not. There has never been a documented case of this. One or two photo-shopped images that were easily proven fake. But no place where this has happened. Yet that didn't stop the North Dakotan dimwit legislatures from taking time from actual state business to address a non-problem.

But it is critical to pass this law. Because... it is?


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