Wednesday, January 4, 2023

A Fantastic Series

 I did not expect to be super impressed by the Netflix Series "Down to Earth: Down Under with Zac Efron". I was wrong wrong wrong.

I did not watch watch series one. I felt it was probably a vanity project and a change to show off Zac's body. I don't mind the second, but the first would annoy me. But after a recommendation to watch season 2, I watched the entire series. It is perfect.

This version of series occurred because Efron was stuck in Australia as the pandemic started. And so he brought down his crew and captured Australian innovations in climate and native peoples.

It is not preachy, it is funny and cleaver and often moving. It speaks about simple ways to help with climate change - including the seaweed food for cattle that reduces methane by 80 - 90%. Sure cattle are still not great for the environment, but this would cut methane release per year by 25% overall - not just from animals. That is amazing.

But that isn't alone. They talk about forest management. Saving Koalas from the wildfires. Locally grown food. How large farms can play an important role in not only producing our food, but helping to save our climate.

And when a topic is too complex for a verbal explanation, some very cute animation is used to simplify it.

If you have Netflix, watch the first episode from Season 2. If you don't like it, fair. But it is a great use of your time.

Trust me.

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