Friday, December 16, 2022

Lynn and I have been to this pitch

 CNN has a photo special about the coolest soccer pitches in the world. Well, I will share some pictures, but first - this.

Lynn and I actually visited this one. Now, it was for a totally Scooter reason. When we were in the Faroe Islands for my birthday in 2019, we drove around the islands (remember I loved that place). Well we did stop in Eloi. We stopped for food, but there wasn't a restaurant open (not season yet). And so, we wre leaving. Well, there were public toilets at the football pitch. So we drove there, parked and - you know - pee'd. After we actually walked a bit around the field and were surprised.

It is a lovely spot - fake grass of course, but lovely. And we were kind of surprised how in a city of hills, mountains, and cliffs they managed

to build this pitch in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

It was (is) cool!

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  1. It was cool, though I didn't know until just now it was/is a "pitch." And I must say, almost everything we saw on the island is in the middle of nowhere. Also, very cool.