Saturday, December 3, 2022

Confederate Monuments to Traitors, Slavery Supporters and Losers

 Well, I thought we were passed this.

(C) Washington Post

Virginia has decided that the appropriate response to a statue of a US Traitor, Slavery Defender and loser in the war that killed 600,000 of our countrymen is to make legal machinations to save this. This is, again, a statue to those brave men that lost their life in defense of keeping actual people as non-human chattel and property.

This reverence of losers as a cause in the country where they declared war against the government is pretty damn rare. They celebrate the men who tried to overthrow the very country they lived in. Even giving the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't for that purpose, it was to reinforce Jim Crow laws and the lower status of Black Americans.

There are monuments of many types in the world, but this is not typical. here are the typical uses of monuments.

Monuments to country building (Armenia, Yugoslavia, Senegal)

Monuments to great people (Lincoln, Victoria, Stalin (now removed)

Monuments to the War Dead (Vietnam, Flanders Field, Spanish Civil War fights (winners)

Monuments to civilian victims (Sarajevo, Seribrenka, Berlin)

Monuments to a Victory in War (WWII - USA, WWII - Soviet, Vietnam War - Hanoi).

See, there are none(or vanishingly few) monuments to the insurrectionists in the country where they failed to overthrow the government.

So why does the United States continue to honor those Confederates that fought against their country? That, by the by, is a rhetorical question. It is primarily a display of hatred towards Blacks.

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