Thursday, December 1, 2022

A Roundup of Nincompoopery From Today

 Sometimes one can't believe what America is up to - and I am leaving out what the Orange Blob has done lately.

Now this is one of my favorites. The US is trying to extradite a youth from England for responsibility for a mass shooting IN America. Talk about trying to shift the blame.


Just what Florida schools were missing. Corporal punishment - that is spanking, switching at schools. And announced by the School Board and Sheriff at a prison, taking no questions. They promise to "have the cheeks of their ass torn off for not doing right in class."


Speaking of Florida Schools. One school outlawed a presentation of Hanukkah traditions. With the comment, "Where do we stop? Do we have to teach about Kwanza and Delwai?


Okay, who spent time investigating the average and healthy limits of squatting on the throne?


Because only a good man with a gun can stop the attack from his daughter.  

PS - Floridiots win the nincompoopery trophy today.

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