Thursday, November 17, 2022

Wimbledon Agrees: you shouldn't have to schedule your cycle to play tennis

This is an odd one, because I only thought about it last year, when Serena talked about it. Wimbledon is the bastion of tradition, and one of those traditions is wearing white. 

Now, this might have made sense in the olden days. As you can see from the photo, outfits were longer and there were no issues about seeing panties. The image below is actually Suzanne Leglin. She caused a scandal in the 1920s by wearing a short skirt (previously women players wore angle length skirts) and flat shoes.

But now a days, short short outfits are the norm. Not for the titillation effect, but for ease of movement to play. One result of the tradition of Wimbledon is that women have to wear all white outfits, including panties. This last year many of the women described the difficulty of this. The embarrassment they would have getting their menstrual cycle. To counter this they wore multiple layers of pads and panties, or they tried to sync their cycles to the Wimbledon schedule.

Well Wimbledon just changed the rule. It might be because of a real change in the thinking at the All England Tennis and Crocket Club. Or it could be that discussing "Menzies" just freaked the old guys out and they passed it to not hear about it anymore.

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