Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Voting happens on November 8th

The Constitution stipulates that national elections occur on "the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November". So it happens 1 week from now, albeit it a lot of states let people vote early. So many of the votes are in (they cannot be counted until election day itself).

Despite the last minute nincompoopery, conspiracy theories and armed hi-jinks - I think most peoples' minds are made up. Interestingly, there is no consensus on what the outcome will be. By this point in most elections, we have a pretty good idea of the outsome.

Typically, the party of President loses seats in the mid-terms (i.e. when the President is not on the ballot). And by typically, I mean the ever since the 1930s.

So hoping for a good outcome in midterms is normally a fool's errand. 

Does this election change the assumption? I don't think anyone knows. 

Republicans only need a net change in 1 seat to have a majority in the Senate, and a net change in 5 seats to control the House of Representatives.

And, per the Daily Stoic, I will accept the results and act accordingly. No big threats or promises, just an acknowledgement that the election could please me or freak me the hell out. But at this pinot, worrying and kvecthing is unproductive.

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