Saturday, November 19, 2022

Trump successfully "Runs out the Clock" ... again

 I am not sure that the phrase Running out the Clock, means anything to non-Americans.

Here it was a sports metaphor that indicates one team is ahead, and not trying to score or even produce more offense now, just keep it at the present level (when you're winning) until time runs out. In politics, it means stretching out an investigation until the conditions change.

Trump has been and still is trying to run out the clock in nearly any investigation. This has worked for him in the following national cases:

- Congress exercising oversight to get his tax returns. It has been 4 year since the House of Representatives legally requested them. Now, four years later, that the House has returned to Republican hands, the request will die. (one for his side) BTW - why did it take more than 4 years to get a legal request?

- Results of the January 6th Committee. Again, he and his autocratic cronies stonewalled the proceedings enough that it looks drug out and politically motivated. Instead of motivated by, you know, the desire to keep our democracy alive. But with a Republican Congress, they have already indicated the end of the Committee. In fact, the Republicans have promised an "investigation" of the investigation.

- Review of his Hotel's grifting off the Military and foreign Governments. He delayed it long enough to sell the hotel.

- And now the delay of the Attorney General's Investigate into the crime of fucking insurrection!. The Attorney General had from Jan 2021 - September of 2022 to charge Trump with a crime. There is more than enough evidence. But the unofficial "rules" say the Justice Department shouldn't do anything remotely political with 60 days of an election. The on - then off charging and then clearing of Hillary Clinton in the last 21 days of the election cycle in 2016 just reinforced this "rule" because it totally fucked her campaign. 

And so the entire investigation starts over. I mean, you can't charge an ex-President unless you doubled check everything.

By slow walking the investigation of crimes, but hard-core Trump defenders and a (too) methodical Attorney General pushed the investigation into that 60 day period. AND then, you can't have a declared candidate investigated by the current administration. Of course, he announced a run for President. It was the only way to push the investigation out, whether or not he decides to run.

Her's smart and Merit Garland is an idiot (okay - if it all changes in less than a year I take it all back).


  1. I'm not sure I can take another 2 years of Trump news and adding Musk news to the mix isn't helping. Maybe the TV news reporters will give us a break and limit it - call me doubtful but hopeful.

  2. Me either (I want to say "ither" but maybe it is a different pronunciation and not a different word). I have forgotten my own rule of Trump and so I shall move on. Thank you for the reminder (meant or by chance).


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