Monday, November 28, 2022

Thanksgiving in England

 England, for all its supposed intellectual superiority, doesn't even have Thanksgiving. Go figure - they can't help being backwards sometimes. I mean, even Canada has Thanksgiving (albeit at the wrong dates).

Ed and I decided to bring the tradition to our friends in England. It was kind of perfect. It was too much drink, too much food and too much fun. We saw a lot of friends, met a few new ones and generally had a ton of people over. (14 for dinner, 3 more drop-ins to say hello and have a post dinner cocktail.

Barbara bought the Turkey before we got there. Gary made a special Thanksgiving cocktail. Gareth got a Thanksgiving playlist together. And I did all the cooking. Okay not ALL the cooking, but I did do the yams, stuffing and deviled eggs. Ed did the green bean casserole and the pecan pie!. Barbara pretty much took primary care of everything, because she is stupendous.

There were only 2 things we could not find. Regular stuffing - they use a freeze dried kind of thing. And a can of cranberry sauce. Their's is much more real and good looking, but lacks the true "pl....op" of our cans.

Some images below.

A few of us. I accidentally did miss more than a few people in this picture. Whoops.
And yes, we brought the Pilgram hats.

Rebecca giving us all blue steel.

Look at that spread!

31 years after we all met!

I candied the yams myself.

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  1. Fantastic pictures! Looks like a lot of fun !


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