Monday, November 7, 2022

Daily Stoic: Nov 7th

 Well, we have had a guest for the last 3 days, and so I missed my daily stoic.

Today's is from one of the days I missed:

There is no evil in things changing, just as there is no good in persisting in a new state.

Marcus Aurelius

This mediation asks us to fear neither change nor steadiness. That does not mean to simply to accept what happens, but to modify our thinking to accept the change and then proceed forward.

For example, a stoic would say that Dobbs and changes in abortion law should not have one rending their clothes and screaming at the universe. Instead one acknowledges what the Supreme Court did; then work to modify, change or resolve this.

Of course, I would rather rail at the universe often, but that is why I try to understand these positions. I need to acknowledge that the world is not trying to actually screw me over, and people's suggestions aren't attacks.

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