Thursday, November 3, 2022

Daily Stoic: Nov 3

Just as we commonly hear people say the doctor prescribed someone particular exercises, or ice baths, or walking; we should in the same way say that nature prescribed some to be diseased, or disabled or to suffer any kind of impairment. In the case of the doctor, prescribed means something ordered to help someone's healing. But in the case of nature, it means that what happens to each of us is order to help aid our destiny.

Marcus Aurelius

The point here is to show the contradiction of our response when a doctor orders us to do something in order to fight a disease, which we usually agree to do it, often with some trepidation. But when nature orders us to do something we tend to fight it.

Being able to accept it and deal with it is probably what makes those people who fight with their disability (think runners who have lost their legs) better able to cope that those people who lament the impossibility or unfairness of nature.

Of course there are some circumstances or disabilities that people cannot fight or overcome. But to live a fulfilling life, we still have to accept that circumstance.

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