Monday, November 14, 2022

Americans are numb to death

 Look at this headline in the media. It is a tragedy. Then look below it.

Six people dead is a tragedy and we Americans question how it can even happen in a modern country. SOME number of people will now avoid travel to Istanbul for a short while (I suggest they visit Constantinople instead). 

BUT, on the same day more than 7 people were shot at two universities: University of Virginia and University of Idaho. And almost no Americans think - how did this happen in a modern American? No Americans think, "I better not travel to Moscow, Idaho or Charlottesville, Virginia - it might happen to me as a tourist." - FYI those 7 people were a small part of the killings on Sunday in this country.

We are numb to killings and murders in this country. I don't mean this as any judgement, simply an observation.

Americans blame guns or criminals or "thugs" or the police. It depends on what we tell ourselves.

But I know at least a few people who lived in New York - from Europe. And they moved back to Europe due to the threat of violence and guns. The story they tell themselves isn't about blame, but simply choosing not to live among the crazies.

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