Wednesday, October 12, 2022

When I fell in love with Angela Lansbury

The Tart from the Harvey Girls

I know that many people love Angela Lansbury. Most fell in love with her in the movies The Picture of Dorian Grey or Gaslight. And yes, she was young, lovely, and talented in those. In fact, those were her first two big movies and she was nominated to an Academy Award for them both.

Or maybe you fell in love with her on Broadway. I had the luck to see her in Deuce and Blithe Spirit. And she commanded the stage when she was on it. But she was in many many shows, including as the original Mrs. Lovett in Sweeny Todd.

For newer fans, maybe it was Murder, She Wrote. Or for younger fans, the voice of Mrs. Pots in Beauty and the Beast.

But for me, it will always be The Harvey Girls. She was the tart and ran a whore house - although it was 1946, so she ran a "saloon". She was funny, sexy, and sang a song like Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles, long before Madeline Kahn was on the scene. Here is that scene and song with my favorite line .."if you like chicken, grab a wing..."

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