Friday, October 28, 2022

Visit to Kingston NY

Old Dutch Church in Kingston

Kingston New York is an interesting town with a fascinating history.

It was founded by the Dutch, when they ruled the state. Skipping a lot of Native America conflict, ultimately resulting in the Dutch defeating them, Kingston grew prosperous. It was one of three Dutch communities started, Albany, New York City and Kingston (all had different Dutch names).

They have a Fire Truck Museum we enjoyed.

In 1777, during the civil war, the New York revolutionaries started writing the charter of New York State when New York City was occupied. The authors moved from White Plains up to Kingston and set up state house for the debate, elected the first governor of the state - and named Kingston the capital of New York.

That resulting in the British attacking and then burning Kingston to the ground.

Monument to commemorate the burning and rebirth of the city

It is now made up of a cute historical core and suburban-ish farms inhabited by well off New York City types looking for a week-end house.

But it also made a great stop on our way up to Olana.

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