Thursday, October 13, 2022

One of my favorite pictures (at the bottom) takes on new depth

 One of my all time favorite pictures is. my desktop photo. It makes me laugh every day and starts my day with a smile. Now, the man in the picture (Gordon Sunderland) has spoken out on what Trump was like. 

It isn't good. (P S - this doesn't count as anti-Trump post).

A U.S. ambassador appointed by Donald Trump has described his former boss as a “dick” in a new book. Gordon Sondland served as Trump’s ambassador to the European Union between 2018 and 2020, but was fired shortly after his testimony played a key role during Trump’s first impeachment. In his forthcoming memoir, The Envoy: Mastering the Art of Diplomacy with Trump and the World, Sondland derides Trump’s narcissism and recalls telling Trump in 2016 that “you were kind of a dick to me when we first met.” Trump responded by noting that he didn’t think Sondland was important enough to be nice to, the former ambassador wrote. Sondland also describes anxiously trying to prepare Trump for a 2019 meeting with the president of Romania, only for Trump to be distracted by choosing which song to use as his walk-on music at an upcoming rally. “Trump does focus on some details, and this is an important one,” Sondland writes. “Never mind that the Oval Office sounds like a country western bar, and we are supposed to be prepping for a visit with a foreign leader.”

I love that Trump didn't think he was important enough to be nice to. AND Trump's biggest worry was about his walk on music.

My favorite ever picture...

That is how I would like to think. I would be in the same circumstances....

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