Saturday, October 1, 2022

Journalists are begging to ask the right questions

It is always a little good when others are asking the same question. Particularly journalists.Right now they appear to be putting their toe into the water. That water, in this case, being the truth that not only is our government rigged, it is getting obvious, open, and brazen.

Is it Trump's fault? I don't think so. I think Trump just brought into the open what has been happening for a while. And now (mainly) Republicans decide to be just as brazen. Simply lying over and over with no consequences. Ignore the tax laws if they cannot write them in a way that helps themselves. Ignoring subpoenas with no consequences. Missing court dates. Inflating assets to outrageous prices. Illegally operating business. Flaunting their refusal to follow mandates. 

Things that normal folks would go to jail for, they brag about. I think the question raised in this headline answers itself.

Trump is just the embodiment of a lack of enforcement and consequences. He may be the worst we know of but it is an epidemic of lawlessness.

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