Thursday, October 6, 2022

Is this the death knell for the US Republic?

There is a surprising agreement between Democrats, current elected Republicans and the retired politicians of both parties. Okay two agreements, but only one is dangerous.

Belief One: 

All of these serious people agree that the last Presidential election was fair. Many of the current Republican politicians will gladly admit this in private, but hedge in public. Their thinking is that since Donald Trump has the power of at lest 50% of the primary voters, it is stupid to argue against him and stupid ass comments.

However, many of his actual true believers are running for election now. And the majority, MAJORITY of Republican Nominees don't believe the results of that free and fair election. This group includes a ton of folks running for a position that runs the next election.

MANY of these people are true believers, not just politicians making noise.

Belief Two: 

"Serious" politicians believe that these people, if elected, will admit or change their minds that the election was fair. they will "grow" into the job.

To which I say, "fool me once... etc." Like the former president, we must believe what they say, not what we want them to think. None of them grew into the job. Trump, Bannon, MJ Greene. These people all said stupid and wrong things. They all made promises that serious politicians know they don't really believe. 

And then they did them. They banned Muslins. They took money for education and the military and diverted it to build a useless wall. They denigrated our alliances and left some. Their ideas are half-cocked, but they believe them and will put them into law if they can,

Believe them.

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