Thursday, October 27, 2022

How's the early voting going in the US? (Updated - already)

Well, there are some issues with early voting. They seem somehow ........ familiar.

 Let us compare and contrast against other "elections"...


Ukrainians voting in a "free election" being watched by armed Russians:


Arizonans voting in a "free election" being watchers by armed Republican Poll watchers:


Black Americans voting in a "free election" being challenged by whites 1920 - 1968:


Black Americans voting in a "free election" being challenged by whites 2022:

From the Guardian


So, how's the early voting going then? Not so good....

Once more, these armed poll watchers are filming voters and taking car licenses. You know, normal things in a fascist state.

Just another day in Arizona (one of our more progressive states)

From Associated Press


  1. Unfortunately this is happening herein Montana,already!

  2. I rode my bike down to my local polling place and there were no thugs in attendance. Also, we voted a democratic governor into office and sent Mark Kelly back to the Senate. Phoenicians at large have, for the most part, been showing up and making a difference. Trump rallies notwithstanding. SVH

  3. That is fantastic Shelly. Yes, you all in Arizona did make the country proud! And all of that with no Kari Lake! Thank you.


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