Monday, October 31, 2022

Daily Stoic: October 31

The human being is born with an inclination toward virtue.

Musonius Rufus - Lectures

This is both a very basic and obvious idea, but yet one we forget easily. It does not mean everyone IS virtuous. But it does mean that we are born ready to be virtuous. Most children need to be taught right from wrong - good from bad. 

It doesn't matter if one is born a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, MAGA or Jewish, the same "golden rule" is taught by all faiths. A child is taught not to steal or cause pain by our families and community. But that same child can be taught to hate others, fear the world and resent life.

So we all were born with an inclination to be virtuous. We need to cultivate our own virtue, then look outward. Before we judge others too much, we need to judge ourselves.

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