Monday, September 5, 2022

Voting Fraud is terrible, but only if Black people do it

Florida last month arrested 20 people for voter fraud.  They were handcuffed, taken away and charged with felonies. ALL of these people were felons that believed they had the right to vote after Florida's change in elections.

4 of the 20 people pulled out of work, school and homes for "voter fraud"

Now,  ALL of them registered to vote, got permission from the State Agency for voting AND were on the voter rolls. Only after the Governor requested a unique audit were they found out. So, NONE of these people tried to vote illegally, and ALL were allowed to register after the change in felony voting rights. They all did everything right and legally.

But they were all black of hispanic.

On the other hand, here are 3 of the 4 retirement folks at The Villages (a massive retirement community of 100,000+) that voted illegally. 

What could possibly account for the difference in arrest, prosecution and bail?- I can't tell.

These 4 all ACTIVELY voted illegally. Either by voting in two states, or completing the ballot of a deceased partner or parent. ALL of them knew what they were doing was wrong and illegal. But then again all 4 of them were white - so no harm no foul. They were not drug away by the police, they were requested to come to the police station. NONE were locked up (as opposed to all 20 of non-white group).

They were given community service and can still vote again. Probably twice.

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