Sunday, September 11, 2022

Tennis Next - Nincompoopery First

 This is a terrible headline:

See, the headline implies we still have some time: "...may be triggered even if world reaches warming targets..."

See, here is the issue I have here. It makes it seems as if we haven't hit these tipping points yet, so it pushes the deadline out. Why stop climate change if we haven't even reached a tipping point yet. It does the opposite of what the authors wants to because it says we more time.

But, we HAVE reached the tipping point. Now, on the one hand, that might also tell people we don't have to worry. BUT it is true. And we have to prepare for the changes, NOW. Floods are happening that occur once every 100, 500 or 1,000 years. Heat waves that are unprecedented. A mega-drought that last occurred 20,000 years ago. Rain in Greenland for the first time in human history.

This is bad news and may make many people give up. But it might move others and it is true.

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