Thursday, September 1, 2022

Crazy Weather is so bad, it's not even Crazy anymore

For those of use lucky enough to be relatively unaffected in the past few months by killer weather, maybe we don't notice how bad it is. This is happening now in the northern hemisphere. And although it is unprecedented it looks to be the new normal.

Pakistan has its worst flooding in history. Thousands have died.

Flooding on a devastating scale in a country too poor to meet the needs

China has its worst drought in history. Farm production is being crushed.

There are plenty of dried out land pics, including China's largest fresh water lake, now dry.

US Midwest floods break records as 37 people were killed this month in Kentucky.

The Western US drought is the longest in history. Some climatologists say it isn't a drought anymore. It is the new weather with "arid-ifacation" (like it won't go back to what it was ever: even though we might have a few good years every now and then).

The entire US West Coast once again has record wildfires. It has set new records for amount of land burned.

Europe had the 2nd largest area of wildfires in history this summer (the first was 2017). There were wildfires in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, England, Denmark, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. And that's not the entire list.

Wildfires are pretty common around the Mediterranean but painfully new to other places in Europe

Europe set new records this summer with horrible heat waves. England hit 104.5 degrees F. that may not sound like a lot to us from the desert southwest, but remember England has almost zero air conditioners and their houses are built to capture and retain heat!
If you know Brits, there will be lots of painful sunburns the next day!

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