Friday, August 19, 2022

Too Big to Comprehend

The NY Times has an amazing interactive article - which mainly means you scroll and every now and again a  movie file plays. The subject of this is "city" a localized Nevada art project / homage to Egyptian and MesoAmerican temples.

It is a wild scene. The "art" covers about a mile in the desert. It is meant to be walked around and experienced. It just finished - a project started when I was in High School in the 70s. When it fully opens, it will only allow 6 or so people in a day. 

Because of the location (bumblefuck Nevada) there is no cell service, no place to stay, not even a paved road for about 30 miles. The team (still to be hired) will bring in around 6 people a day to walk the art, take in the sights and essentially, commune with the desert.

It is wild. It is art. It certainly isn't for everyone.

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