Tuesday, August 9, 2022

This would make the hike a No from Ed.

So along lake Matka in Macedonia, there is a restaurant. I ate there, and it was kind of expensive (even for me) - so very expensive for the locals!

I had heard that a hike of about a 1/2 mile would take you to a Monastery, where there was a much less expensive restaurant. 

As I took a boat ride, I kept and eye on the trail to the Monastery. Most of it was close to the river, but in a few places it had to be carved into rock. This, in itself, would be an impediment to Ed. But the picture here shows why he would never do this hike. In the circled area the trail rails, needed in this section, have been torn off by rocks, or someone falling.

You can expand and view the circled area to see (actually NOT see) the missing green railings.

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