Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Supporters of Women's Autonomy Win Round 2

 Start.. great news.

Despite a confusedly worded proposition. Despite polling that seemed to show an even split, the right to abortion was confirmed in yesterday's voting - in Kansas! By a lot.

I am thrilled. Of all things, I was actually weirded out yesterday about the vote. It took me back to when people were voting about gay marriage. Subject my right to marriage to the vote of people completely unrelated to my marriage.

I was afraid that people who that care more about controlling women's bodies and denigrating their sexual actions would vote to force women to accept it. But in Kansas it did NOT occur. By a VERY healthy margin, Kansas told the politicians no. Stop screwing with us. (About 60% - 40%).

And, since the main primaries are only open the supporters, registered independent voters (about 20+% of Kansas residents are Independents) could come out to vote, but only for that 1 proposition. The Republican legislatures were positive this would swing the votes to the Republicans.

And it might have. But maybe, there were plenty of Republican voters that appeared to cross over.

I find it really hard to express how happy this makes me.

Note: The vote had to  be taken, because politicians wanted to outlaw abortion. The can in most states, but the Kansas Supreme Court ruled the Kansas Constitution protects this right, due to right to make decisions about your own body. The only way to change this was for the public to strike out that part of the State Constitution was via the electoral process. So they put it on the ballot and told the people to outlaw abortion.


  1. Perhaps this bodes well for the election of a Democrat in the Senate????


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