Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Okay, now I get the "T"

 I have been pretty open that I have not been sure why the LGBT group included Trans (the T). It's not that I disapprove, it is that I do not understand at all. As many people don't. 

Let's face it, may Americans know a gay man or lesbian, but very few of us know someone who is trans. It is unusual to us and confusing. Not the mechanics, but if you have always been comfortable in your gender (like me) - it is hard to understand others.

BUT... the campaign of hate and deviousness has convinced me that the T is a very important part of LGBT (and its other letters like  LGBTQIA). Not as a group identifier, but as people. There are actual people, children and adults, who know they are the wrong gender.

And there are people who hate them for it. I do understand that. And I will try to stand up for these Trans Americans.

See, this is where being lactose intolerant is helpful. (joke)


  1. Who keeps adding these letters? I don't disapprove but I am feeling left out.

  2. I don't know! I was fine at LGBT+ . But, you know, everyone wants their own letter.
    And NOW the biggest growing group is called "Hetro Flexible". Which means they are normally straight, but if the right person comes along, they are open to it. They have not been added to the LGBTQIA+ Maybe lower case for them, you until they move to Bi. LGBTQIAh


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