Tuesday, August 16, 2022

"Let me test my understanding"

That is what I say when I am about to be an asshole because someone has said something mean or stupid. Or both. I respond, "let me test my understanding" and then explain why the speaker is mistaken, stupid or a liar. Senator Kennedy (below - not from the democratic family) seems to be all three.

Like many people, Senator Kennedy (Republican - Louisiana) uses the term "I don't mean to be unfair...". I don't mean to be unfair is the liar version of "Let me test my understand here." Let me demonstrate:

So Senator, let me test my understanding here about your thoughts on President Biden...

He has mismanaged Congress? Do you mean that in actually passing real legislation on climate, health care, gun safety and infrastructure he has mismanaged Congress? Sodo you want Congress to be gridlocked and incapable of passing legislation? If not, what does your term "mismanage" mean?

He has mismanaged Covid? Do you mean that he lead the drive to vaccinate people and stop people from dying of Covid? Do you mean that Covid has moved to an endemic disease from a pandemic? Or do you mean he did not promote the use of fish tank cleaner or horse dewormer, two useless ways to treat Covid? 

He has mismanaged crime? I totally agree. The fact that Donald Trump has not be arrested on charges of perjury, graft, treason, insurrection, and the espionage act is terrible. And, although Biden has no control over this, I would still like him to make the case.

He has mismanaged the border? Trump's policies are still mainly in pace, held there by the judiciary. So in "mismanaging the border" do you mean that he hasn't been able to stop the silly rules Trump set up?Or do you mean that children are no longer separated from families and their paper work lost?

He has mismanaged Afghanistan? You mean he pulled out on Trump's time frame? Or do you mean that he did actually pull out after Obama and Trump's promised pull outs did not come to pass? So you believe Biden mismanaged this by telling the truth and then following through? We have different definitions of mismanaged then. I see the saving of 1 $Trillion dollars a year and American lives as a good thing.

He has mismanaged inflation? I actually will agree partially on this with you. Inflation has been crazy. But I am not sure what you want him to do. Inflation was cause by Covid payments piling up (voted for by both parties) and by a war between Ukraine and Russia - which held up grain and gas, causing massive inflation in energy and food. What part of that do not not support? If it is the debt and printing money - you can thank yourself and your corporate tax cutting fiends for Trump's wild money printing spree.

He has forfeited America's energy independence? Forbes Magazine, which you have held up as a standard, lead with a story in March of this year that, yes, America is still energy independent.

Or are you just a liar, Senator Kennedy? Just testing my understanding...

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