Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Ed is very proud of the US Open's Fan Week

 The US Open is in the "Qualifying" stage right now. They have opened the grounds for free for people to watch these matches. These are the players that do not get an invite to the the US Open. They are playing for 8 open spots on the male or female draw of play.

What the team is proud of is that they have begun not only to allow this, but have put in place activities for kids and let people in to the Arthur Ashe stadium (the big one) that many people cannot afford. And, since all players have to practice, even the big names, the big name players are around.

Many of these big names will practice on the main court, and people can watch for free. This is in addition to everything else going on. It is a chance for many to see their heroes for free.

Ed can be proud because, as the money guy, he had to estimate the trade off of money to present Fan Week, versus the payback. And he believes community outreach is critical, so they invest that money.

And I am proud of him.

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  1. Good man! I know you're having mucho fun.


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