Thursday, August 4, 2022

Breaking the law with no ill effects for perpetrators - STILL

The Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978 was passed after Watergate and the attack on American Democracy by Richard Nixon. It actually REQUIRES - not suggests, requires records "whether textual or electronic" from or to the President be stored by the Archivist and can be accessed by a Freedom of Information requests, unless they are blocked by the courts.

This is not they can be deleted. They can only be held away from the a request if the courts up hold it. That is simple and that is the law. It is not brain surgery.

And that law was broken. Not, bent, not "forgotten", but BROKEN by multiple people and agencies that report to the Presidential Administration of Donald Trump - all around Jan 5 - 7th of 2021. That is, information about the attempted coup of the country.

This occurred by individuals and teams from:

The Secret Service. The entire Secret Service entourage who handled the Presidential security duties for Trump and his family. The Secret Service said it was an accidental wipe when upgrading. Of course, it has never happened before. The Secret Service also handles security for ex-Presidents and...., the Secret Service around Obama did not wipe their texts during this "routine" upgrade.

But enough about their lies. We found out that the Department of Homeland Security also wiped the text messages from their phones for those days as well. The "inspector general" of the office - one of many that Trump replaced late in his administration - knew about this "oversight", but didn't inform anyone until a whistleblower raised the issue. She did it because the Trump appointed Inspector General failed to report it.

 The appointed big-wigs at the Department of Defense (yeah, the military). These people were also appointed to their positions after the election, but before the coup- attempt. Adnd the Military they texted with.

Now all claim there was an oversight, an accident, a coincidence that just happened.

Happened covering the same time period, and only that time period. Now of them have been charged with actually violating the fucking law.

PS _ I did not miss this crappy news while I was on vacation.

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