Friday, July 15, 2022

This is frightening

This is not so much about politics, but about treachery. I don't use the word lightly - and in fact I use it instead of treason or sedition - because it is slightly less melodramatic.

Before the Jan 5th and Jan 6th coup attempt - and it has been documented as a coup by the Congressional Committee - the Secret Service protected the President and Vice-President. This has been their job since 1865 (157 years).

The Jan 6th Congressional Committee has subpoenaed the phone and text records of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Secret Service personal from those days. AFTER the subpoena was issued, the Secret Service deleted all those text messages. Thsee messages would have collaborated or refuted many of the claims made in the Committee by others. They might have also given more information or details. To delete this information after the subpoena was issued is illegal and very very sketchy.

It is even more scary when you remember that Vice-President Pence was pushed by the Secret Service to leave the Capital for a safe place. He declined and in fact had to forcefully tell the Secret Service to stop insisting he leave. Did he know something about what was going on? If he had left the building, the certification of the election would NOT have occurred and Trump could have declared an emergency and taken control of the country.

That the Secret Service refused to share the texts, AND then deleted them is scary fucking stuff. There were off-duty and retired police and military that stormed the Capital. Was the Secret Service going to help keep Trump in power? Even at the risk of Mike Pence's life?

AND, all that aside, can we trust the Secret Service to do what is best for us (their oath is to the constitution, not the President)? Is that one more agency that so hates Democrats that they are willing to abuse their power to keep Trump in power?

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