Saturday, July 30, 2022

Spomonik #1 in Veles

 As I said, I will be posting something about most of the spomoniks I visited. This was the first, not far out of Skopje. It is more interesting after I tell you the story.

The Veles Spomonik

This was completed sometime in the 1970s. Not long after the fall of Yugoslavia it feel into disrepair, but the country has cleaned it up a bit, got rid of the graffiti and repaved (most of) the steps. At first it looks just like a goofy modernistic "thing".

This one, however, is not dedicated so much to a specific action or people, but to the people of Macedonia (& Yugoslavia) moving beyond the past. The imagery is designed to represent a fascist helmet, that is spilt apart by a poppy blooming,  The poppy is a symbol of peace and rebirth here.

See nicer when you know the story. 

Inside was closed when I was there, but this is a statue of rebirth and a family inside the museum, which is inside the shell.

As you approach you first head into this amphitheater where villages and towns are represented on the white plinths.

Nearly off the Spomoniks I saw were set on high ground, overlooking the cities and countryside. This city is Veles.

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