Sunday, July 31, 2022

Spomenik #3: Prilep

 In Macedonia's large town in the south is Prilep. It seems a healthy economy not dependent on tourism - I am not sure what the build, but there is a lot of marble and coal excavation nearby.

The look a bit like giant chess pieces. It makes sense when you think individuals are the pawns in warfare

This spomenik is in the "People's Park of the Revolution" and it is called Burial Mound of the Unbeaten. It commemorates the roughly 800 fallen Partisan soldiers who fought for the liberation of Prilep from German and Bulgarian forces during WWII.

The park was used by children playing in the fields and swings not far from here. But these are still kept up in memory of those fighters.

The names of the fighters are etched in the marble semi-circle. The analogy is that once you enter the area, you cannot get out with seeing these partisans.

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