Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Great Quote from Jean Cocteau

There is a book called "The Exile of Capri". I found it doing a little research on what I want to write about next. It was written by Roger Peyrefitte. Peyrefitte was a french writer and diplomate who defended homosexuality and attacked the Vatican, the government and hypocrites. He was an interesting person.

He was also a defender of Jean Cocteau, a homosexual artist (see below).

In a preface to The Exile of Capri, Jean Cocteau says this about both the book and the author:

I always liked those beings who, incapable of producing masterpieces, try to become on in their own persons.

I like that.

In looking up Jean Cocteau, I found this from wikipedia. I feel like I should have known who he is, but I did not. I only know of him through film. He was capable of both producing and being a masterpiece.

Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau 5 July 1889 – 11 October 1963 was a French poet, playwright, novelist, designer, filmmaker, visual artist and critic. He was one of the foremost creatives of the surrealistavant-garde, and Dadaist movements; and one of the most influential figures in early 20th-century art as a whole.[1] The National Observer suggested that, “of the artistic generation whose daring gave birth to Twentieth Century Art, Cocteau came closest to being a Renaissance man.”[2]

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