Sunday, June 5, 2022

Transgender Paranoia is this election's Ebola

Remember when Ebola was HUGE news one election cycle a few years ago with Obama? Ebola fear was pushed by Fox News and followed up with lots of Republican states outlawing people who "might" have been exposed to stay out of the country. That included Doctors and Nurses who traveled to help. And remember how, after the election, it was never heard from again?

Well, this election cycle the big bad scare is transgender and transexual people - which is epitome of punching down. There are almost 0 transsexuals competing in college athletic sports (actually ~20 out of nearly 480,000 so .00046% of college players, which is effectively 0). But Republicans have gone bat-shit crazy about it are trying to scare the hell out of everyone else.

These 26 transexuals were murdered January thru July of 2022
There were 21 murdered in 2021, 19 murdered in 2020.

Note: I understand the "ick" factor in this, but thinking something is icky should not be the basis for laws. If it was every old man with bushy eyebrows, ear hair longer than an inch or nose hair longer than an inch would be thrown in jail. 

The problem with constantly describing these young poeple as evil is that killing them then becomes acceptable to a lot of people. So Republicans are killing trans youth for a few percentage points in votes.

To date these laws have been passed (nearly all of them in the last 18 months):

17 states do not allow minors to play in sports consistent with their gender ID.

About 12 states have laws to ban medical support of transgender teens including puberty blockers, social acceptance or mental help. 

Texas states any support of transsexual sexuality in minors, including supporting the child emotionally, is child abuse. Yes, it was on hold, but it is now the law. Parents can be arrested for letting their boys wear dresses or even validating that they may later have a choice.

Florida just passed a law further outlawing any transsexual from receiving medical or psychological care from using Medicaid (government supported medical help). This includes both children and adults who are undergoing or are thinking about or has transitioned their sex biologically or mentally.

An Ohio law has passed 1 house so far that allows anyone to challenge someone's sex and they must submit to a visual genital check. So yeah, an over zealous mom at a soccer game can demand the ref check the genitals of anyone she questions might be outplaying her little girl.

One candidate in Massachusetts for Secretary of state says: “You can’t just sit and say, ‘Oh, that’s terrible. Maybe somebody else will take care it. Oh, that’s not so nice.’ Well, I don’t think it’s so nice when they’re telling your five year-old that he can go suck another five year-old’s dick, do you? This is what they’re doing!” – Rayla Campbell, GOP nominee for Massachusetts secretary of state. FYI -  this is not what anyone is doing.

During Fox New's 18 month campaign against transsexuals, they have identified a total of 6 transsexuals that play sports. Of these 6, 2 black women and 1 white woman have been profiled over 100 times each on the station to make a problem seem ubiquitous, but in fact this is a remarkable rare in sports. 

Those few that do play at the college level follow international competition rules regarding hormone therapy and legality of playing.

It is attacking the weakest of us and reveling in it.

FYI - I said the same thing about the "migrant caravans" from Fox News. That they would stop shooting about it once the election was over. Low and behold, that is now not even mentioned int he news.

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