Sunday, June 26, 2022

Once More, Puffins to Make me Happy

 Once more. After all the shit right now, let's make Scooter happy.

These are the mounds puffins make to lay eggs and raise their young

Eddie and a mound of puffins!

I can barely believe this is at the Arctic Circle!

This was the walk out to the puffins.

Now to get to the puffins, we had to park on a small dirt side road, and hop a fence that said "No trespassing" . But since the locals (and local old people) were popping over, we did too.

Turns out the "no trespassing" was because it was closed about a month earlier for the breeding season of an endangered duck. The duck breeding season has passed by about a month, and no one had unlocked the gate yet.

It was a calming place. Although after a while, Ed thought it was calming enough and we left.

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