Thursday, June 16, 2022

In My Time...

 It is odd to see the blanket ignoring of the Jan 6th hearings. I know I am old, so the comparison is not apt, but in High School in 1973 (I was a sophomore) we actually watched the Watergate Hearings live in class. 

The hearings were eye opening, fascinating, and a monument to American values. We watched in Civics and History classes - and we were told that we watching history in the making. It was a heady time, when the great American experiment was recovering from a break in, lies and political shenanigans. Once John Dean testified that not only was Nixon lying, but he and the administration were covering it.

American were freaked out over the anti American policies of Nixon.

Now, with oodles of TV, streaming on phones and the constant information overload, we are ignoring a much much worse case attacking the morals and future of America. And it is being greeted with a big fat yawn from the country. At least that part of the country that knows Donald Trump cheated, lied and grifted his way through 4 years, and then tried to start an insurrection. Then there are the other 40% of Republicans that don't believe their eyes, ears or what anyone says that disrupts their myopic world view. 

It is sad, but it is more than that as well. It is actively undemocratic to not understand what happened. But we don't treat it anywhere close to how seriously we treated Watergate. The entire country has turned into my father. A sociopathic country where we lie as we demonstrate absolutely zero empathy towards others.

This is not progress.

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