Thursday, June 30, 2022

At first, I was confused

At first, I was not afraid, I was not petrified but just confused (a mixed metaphor if ever there was one.

So, I see this car the other day, and I am very confused. Because I thought the Y was for Brigham Young University. But then I remembered that in Connecticut, Y is for Yale.

So what to make of this driver?

Well, we know he is gay - the Human Rights Council blue and yellow sticker is the subtle "I am gay" flag. It's like the pride sticker for older, richer gays.

And we know it is a he, because he is driving an older, cute Saab convertible and leaving it on the street. The SAAB 9-3 is a zoom zoom car long out of production. And it is clearly a turbo that is well taken care of. A smarter female Yalie would get a newer car with a warranty.

The HRC sticker says older gay with money.

The Y says - Yale. (and money)

The DK, obviously, is Denmark.

And the fish means Christian, usually born again.

So we have an older Danish male, who is a gay Yale Alumni that is also a big Christian believer. I would have to see him to know if he is a catch (for someone else) or a sugar daddy waving his preferences in New York to find a guy.

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