Monday, May 9, 2022

Yeah, so this is how "pro-life" people are clebrating.

This sucks, but is expected.

Now, many of us Americans were told that conservatives would stop with turning back abortion decisions to the state. Turns out that is bullshit. But it has always been bullshit if you actually listen to them.

Here are the current laws being discussed, passed or promised.

1) 13 states have "trigger' laws that outlaw abortion in nearly all cases (usually if the life of the mother is at risk, there is an exception, if it is just health risks to the mother, no.) as soon as Roe V Wade is overturned.

2) 13 other states have outlawed or introduced crazy restricted women's abortion rights.
     - Nearly ALL newly passed laws DO NOT have an exception for incest or rape (see image above for that result). So yes, if an uncle or dad rapes and impregnates a 17 year old daughter or niece, she has to carry the child to term.

3) 5 states have passed the "bounty" laws like Texas. There you can sue individuals for having an abortion or helping to have one.
     - So now if a rapist finds out that the woman he impregnated had an abortion, he or his family could sue the woman for $10,000 minimum.

4) 2 states are trying to pass laws that outlaw residents from going to another state to get an abortion. They will use the new bounty law system to enforce these laws.

5) Multiple states have outlawed "Plan B" contraceptive medication.
     - They have also made it illegal to offer, prescribe, or receive these pills through the mail.

6) Louisiana is trying to pass a law that will make abortion a crime of murder. And put women away for life or the death penalty.

7) Based on the Supreme Court decision outlines and precedent...
   - Multiple states are trying to outlaw contraception
   - Gay Marriage "Limiting laws" are being discussed with the new precedent, and passed already in Tennessee.

8) Republicans have promised that, if they win the House, Senate and Presidency in 2024, they will pass a national law outlawing abortion nationwide.

Welcome to America in 2022.

PS - We knew all of this was coming. This is the same loud minority of people and unequal representation that has removed nearly all gun restrictions. And, as with the right to shoot people, Democrats can't find their way to fight this. This group of Politicians could not find their ass with a map and a compass.

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  1. This is to men who think only about how an unwanted pregnancy will affect the woman. You need to consider how this could affect you. Are you willing to care for the child if your wife or daughter is raped and becomes pregnant? Are you willing to pay higher taxes for the care of unwanted children who are the result of rape or incest and must be cared for by the state? If your wife or partner is raped and becomes pregnant would you prefer that she go to jail than end the pregnancy? Do you want to care for your child alone if your wife or partner dies due to pregnancy or birth complications? Are you willing to accept responsibility for the care of a child you fathered with a woman you don't love or a one-night-stand? What will you do when your daughter tells your wife or parents that she is pregnant with your child or your brother's child? What if your wife or partner refuses to have sex because she doesn't want to become pregnant and contraceptive medication is illegal? Will you rape her? Unwanted pregnancies are not just about women.


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